Comprehensive Condo Insurance for Eastern Massachusetts

Becoming a property owner is a huge milestone, so whether you plan to buy or currently live in a single family colonial in Wayland, a two family style home in Waltham, a luxury townhome in Natick, or a low-maintenance condo in Framingham, working with an experienced and local insurance agent is a must. At Chisholm Insurance, it is our goal to ensure that every property owner West of Boston has an insurance policy that meets their home’s unique needs. If you are one of the many Bostonians who has chosen condo living over traditional homeownership, you will want to make sure that your real estate investment is protected with the proper condo insurance policy.

Unlike most standard homeowners policies, condo insurance is just as unique as the unit it is protecting, and that’s because every condo association is drastically different. Therefore, when it comes to securing condo insurance for your home, it’s a smart idea to partner with a local and reputable agency who not only knows you and your home but can also ensure that you are personally covered from any gaps in your association’s insurance.

The experienced agents at Chisholm Insurance can help you safeguard your condo with a custom policy that specifically:

Addresses any gaps in your association’s master insurance policy

Provides extra personal liability protection

Protects your walls, floors, improvement projects, and upgrades

Safeguards your cherished personal belongings, including jewelry, fine art, collectibles, furniture, technology, and clothing

Provides a financial safety net against flood damage

Fact or Fiction? The Master Condo policy purchased by my condo association will cover any damages to my unit.  

While only partially true, most Master Condo policies only provide general liability and property coverage for the commercial building that houses your condo. However, if your association’s Master Condo policy includes a special endorsement called “All-in” or “All inclusive” coverage, your individual unit and the building items within your condo, including fixtures and any structural improvements or additions you’ve made as the owner may be covered. This additional coverage may also help to cover the cost of repairing your unit to the condition it was in prior to a covered loss. While “All-in” coverage will go to work for you, it is our recommendation that you purchase a separate insurance policy that covers your personal property as well as the Master Condo building deductible, which is often very steep.

For individuals or families who are thinking about purchasing a condo, it is important to have your insurance agent review your association’s specific policy up front, instead of assuming it provides the coverage you’d expect. In addition, without “All-in” coverage, your mortgage lender may require you to provide coverage up to 25% of the value of your unit, which can cost as much as $500 per year. This additional expense will be important to budget for as you navigate the homebuying process.

With Chisholm as your trusted local agent, there are no surprises when it comes to your insurance. Therefore, you can feel confident knowing that you have a partner who will not only help you review your association’s unique Master Condo policy, but also ensure that you secure a personal condo policy that specifically protects you and your things from a variety of risks. Plus, the team at Chisholm will help you find cost-saving discounts, including bundling your condo and auto insurance policies with the same carrier, a discount that can save you as much as 20% on your premium.

Our team of experienced insurance professionals are determined to make the insurance process easy for you; however, the process itself does take more than a few clicks and swipes on your smartphone. For us to guarantee the very best coverages and provide you with a competitive quote for your condo, a quick phone call or in-person meeting with a member of the Chisholm team is a must.

To start the condo insurance process, or to simply learn more about our local and independent agency, call us today at 508-358-6111 or stop by our convenient Wayland location.