Cost-Effective Renters Insurance Coverage for Your Apartment West of Boston

When most people think about insurance policies that they need to have, they often only think about home and auto. However, the team at Chisholm Insurance would like to change that by encouraging you to add renters insurance to that list, and here’s why.

If the ceiling of your apartment started to leak due to a particularly severe storm, it would be your landlord’s responsibility to cover the damages to your unit’s ceiling. But, what if your brand-new Smart TV was damaged by the leak? Or, what if the damage to your roof was so substantial that your landlord has asked you to find a temporary place to stay in the interim? Do you have enough money to cover those additional expenses? A comprehensive renters insurance policy from Chisholm Insurance is a particularly smart investment for renters because, for as little as $1 a day, it will likely protect you and your wallet from the exact situations described above.

If you feel as though your personal property is not worth enough to insure, or that finding a temporary place to live is not a concern given that you have plenty of family and friends in the area, then the liability coverage that comes standard with most renters policies may be reason enough to purchase.

In addition to protecting your personal items in the event of a claim, such as clothes, furniture, and electronics as well as helping you cover the cost of temporary housing should you require it, a renters policy also provides liability coverage. This additional coverage provides you with the financial safety net you need in the event you are found responsible for paying the medical bills of a guest who was injured inside your rental home. Or worse, helps you cover the cost of a lawsuit, should your guest decide to sue for damages.

There are some clear benefits to a comprehensive renters policy from Chisholm Insurance. So, whether you need one for your rental home, or you think a family member, friend or colleague could benefit from one, contact the dedicated team at Chisholm today to discuss.

Renters Insurance is a particularly smart investment for anyone who is currently leasing or
thinking about leasing a:




Single-family home

Fact or Fiction? Renters insurance is very expensive.

Contrary to popular belief, a renters policy is not a significant additional expense. For as little as $200 a year, that’s $17 a month, you can protect all of your personal belongings, savings account, and lifestyle. Of course, policy premiums can vary based on your specific needs, the location of your rental, and the insurance provider, however, all things considered, a renters policy is a cost-effective way to add a bit more coverage to your life.

In addition, many of our insurance partners offer multi-policy discounts to customers who bundle their renters insurance and car insurance with the same carrier. On average, bundling could save you up to 20 percent, which will make that renters insurance even more affordable than it already is.

Whether it’s explaining cost-saving discounts that are available to you, understanding your unique needs, or answering any insurance related questions you may have about the property you rent, Chisholm Insurance is here for you. Our team of experienced insurance professionals are determined to make the insurance process easy for you; however, the process itself does take more than a few clicks and swipes on your smartphone. For us to guarantee the very best coverages and provide you with a competitive quote, a quick phone call or in-person meeting with a member of the Chisholm team is a must.

To start the renters insurance process, or to simply learn more about our local and independent agency, call us today at 508-358-6111 or stop by our convenient Wayland location.